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Tucker’s Point SDO Tucker’s Point Application: Objector’s Kit

If you wish to object to object to the application by Tucker’s Point Resort to subdivide lots on Glebe Hill slated for development, please read on. Ideally you should view the file at the Department of Planning. The file number […]

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Media Release: BEST raises concerns about Tucker’s Point application to develop Glebe Hill

Tucker’s Point Management Ltd. has submitted an application for the first of many developments that were given in-principle approval through the Special Development Order (SDO) passed through Parliament last year. This application for development on Glebe Hill in Hamilton Parish […]

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SDO Senate Ruling

The Senate voted “yes” (7 – 4) on the revised Tucker’s Point SDO last night (we haven’t seen the revised version yet). The SDO must now got the the House for final passage. Of course we’re disappointed at the final […]

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Economic Arguments Against Granting the SDO

Following is an article regarding arguments against granting the Tucker’s Point SDO written by BEST. Read more: Economic Arguments Against Granting the SDO (final dated 13 March 2011)

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SDO Amendment Debate

The Senate will be debating the amended Tucker’s Point SDO March 25 from approx 5pm. David Wingate and Stuart Hayward have met with Opposition Senators and report that significant tracts of protected land are still at great risk. We are […]

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Victory (partial)

BREAKING NEWS  We Won! At least we won a partial victory  During the Senate debate on the TPC SDO, the government “moved to rise and report progress” which, essentially, suspends the debate. It would appear the decision was taken because […]

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Tucker’s Point SDO in the news

There has been some news articles posted on the Royal Gazette’s website in regards to the Tucker’s Point SDO.  Please see links to these articles and some pictures of the walk that happened on Sunday below. Activist Stuart Hayward has […]

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Responses to David Chapman

We have become aware that Senator Laverne Furbert has been sending articles wrtten by her son David Chapman to everyone who writes to her about the Tucker’s Point SDO. We respond here to some of the errors in Mr. Chapman’s […]

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Commentators speak out on Tucker’s Point SDO

The following news release just went out to the media.  Please view the videos and share them with friends:  As the Bermuda Senate prepares to debate the Tuckers Point Special Development Order (SDO) on Wednesday the 16th of March, a […]

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