The Senate will be debating the amended Tucker’s Point SDO March 25 from approx 5pm. David Wingate and Stuart Hayward have met with Opposition Senators and report that significant tracts of protected land are still at great risk. We are resuming our appeal to the Senate to Vote Not to the Tucker’s Point on March 25.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Email Senators before 9am Friday. Send your own or use one below.
  2. Call in to radio talk shows 292-1340
  3. Gather and hold signs in front of Cabinet grounds from 5pm onward. Pickup sign at Cenotaph or bring your own.
  4. Drive by and honk
  5. Email friends / post to facebook / twitter etc
  6. Listen to the debate

Letter to Senators / talk show call-in  / facebook / twitter postings

25 March, 2011

Dear Senator,

Thank you for listening to the people’s concerns on March 18 regarding the Tucker’s Point SDO.

I strongly feel that the people of Bermuda must continue to have input in this process.

After being assured that we had been listened to, I am greatly concerned that an amended SDO is being rushed through the Senate on March 25 without opportunity for further public input.

Bermuda’s protected land must remain protected and not be rezoned to allow this development. Please VOTE NO TO SDO.