Why is BEST SEEKING Funds?

BEST is a registered charity, #858, and also a company limited by guarantee. We lease a small office space in Hamilton used as a central base to house BEST information, one staff member and meeting facilities. Stuart Hayward is the Chief Advocacy Officer and for a modest monthly fee and guides and oversees operations along with a part time assistant. We are seeking funds to cover the ongoing costs of the office and positions as well as to maintain things such as public awareness campaigns, community empowerment workshops, legal expenses sometimes associated with tackling certain cases and general events.

In short, BEST incurs modest expenses from working as a watchdog for the community and continuing to raise awareness on important issues that face current and future generations. We are seeking funds to offset those expenses.

How to donate:

Donations to BEST can be made by cheque sent to our postal address (Suite #1518, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11), by direct transfer to our account at the Bank of Butterfield (number 20-006-060-625713-100) or online via the Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF), link shown here.