Why is BEST SEEKING Funds?

BEST is a registered charity, #858, and also a company limited by guarantee. We lease a small office space in Hamilton used as a central base to house BEST information, one staff member and meeting facilities. Stuart Hayward is the Chief Advocacy Officer and for a modest monthly fee and guides and oversees operations along with a part time assistant. We are seeking funds to cover the ongoing costs of the office and positions as well as to maintain things such as public awareness campaigns, community empowerment workshops, legal expenses sometimes associated with tackling certain cases and general events.

In short, BEST incurs modest expenses from working as a watchdog for the community and continuing to raise awareness on important issues that face current and future generations. We are seeking funds to offset those expenses.


Purchase Jeremy Frith’s uniquely Bermudian Poetry Book or CD – All proceeds go to BEST!

Jeremy Frith’s collection of poems, “Oh Gawd, I Vish Dis Ig’norance Vud Stop”, are spoken in the Bermudian vernacular and describe people and places of all walks of life in Bermuda. Unique and entertaining, Jeremy’s book and CD, both published in 1996, are sure to become an important part of our Bermudian history and culture.

In January 2018, BEST collaborated with The Bermuda Festival and presented, for the very first time, a uniquely Bermudian poetry, spoken-word and music gathering of generations of artists inspired by the beauty and complexity of our island home and Jeremy Frith. Jeremy was a close friend of one of our founders, Stuart Hayward. They shared a love of the environment and everything Bermudian and inspired each other to achieve.

Please drop by our office, on the 4th Floor, The International Centre, Bermudiana Road, Hamilton to purchase your book or CD. Book $10.00 – CD $15.00