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Are we paving over paradise?

The Royal Gazette, Letters to the editor, March 28, 2024 Dear Sir, Bermuda is a photographer’s paradise and if you are active on social media you will see a kaleidoscope of pictures which capture the stunning beauty of our island […]

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Government disbands body set up to help protect national parks

An advisory body set up to protect Bermuda’s national parks from overdevelopment has been disbanded by the Government. One former member of the National Parks Commission has expressed concern that planning applications could now be rubber-stamped by authorities without any […]

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Scaled down plans to address coastal erosion at John Smith’s Bay approved

Caves at John Smith’s Bay are set to be largely filled in after slightly scaled-down plans to address coastal erosion at the beach were approved. Plans originally submitted proposed completely filling a series of caves on the eastern side of […]

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Environmental groups object to John Smith’s Bay concrete plan

Environmental groups have balked at a plan to fill in a cave at John Smith’s Bay as part of a coastal protection effort. But Government has defended the project, arguing that it will reduce potentially hazardous erosion. According to the […]

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Groups oppose Bermudiana Beach funicular plans

Plans to install a funicular at the Bermudiana Beach Resort have sparked objections from environmental groups. Both the Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Audubon Society have filed objections to the scheme. The BNT said the project went against the Bermuda […]

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A timely thought on the environment

As Hurricane Teddy disappears into the rear-view mirror, older readers may have remarked on the increased frequency of hurricanes, both targeting Bermuda and more generally. Hurricane experts have already named the most recent hurricanes Alpha and Beta, meaning that they […]

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Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan Released

A new National Tourism Plan for Bermuda was unveiled at the Bermuda Tourism Summit today [Oct 24], detailing the country’s roadmap to success for a balanced and growing tourism industry through 2025 A BTA spokesperson said that a “wide cross-section of the island’s […]

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Column: Protecting Our Marine Environment

[Written by environmental charity Greenrock] How fortunate we are that the powerful Hurricane Florence took a more Westerly route on its recent course. While our thoughts go out to those impacted by the storm on the US mainland, Hurricane Florence […]

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Government intervenes over Shelly Bay

The Government made an about-turn last night on plans to house beach concessions in old shipping containers on Shelly Bay Beach. Jamahl Simmons, the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, confirmed that the Bermuda Tourism Authority plans for Shelly Bay […]

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