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Environmental Statistics Compendium Released

The Minister of Cabinet Office with Responsibility for Government Reform Lovitta Foggo today released the latest available Environmental Statistics Compendium prepared by the Department of Statistics. “The publication is the collation of existing data sourced from the activities of both […]

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Monsanto’s Sway Over Research Is Seen in Disclosed Emails

Danny Hakim – New York Time – Aug 1, 2017 The weed killer Roundup, Monsanto’s highest-profile product. Documents revealed internal debate at the company over Roundup’s safety. Documents released Tuesday in a lawsuit against Monsanto raised new questions about the company’s efforts […]

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BEST Congratulates Bermuda’s IB Success

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] is congratulating all of the Bermuda High School [BHS] and other 2017 International Baccalaureate [IB] success stories. President & Chief Advocacy Officer of the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] Stuart Hayward said, “The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] […]

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BEST Website wins award: National Trust present annual awards

‘Awareness Awards were given to: • Owners Catherine and Hugh Gillespie and architect Geoff Parker Jr and contractor Kent Bean for the use of Bermuda lime wash on a chimney at Rocklands, Stowe Hill, Paget; • Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce […]

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‘Mixed bag’ on environment

Two of the island’s leading environmental advocates have touched upon a pair of unrealised promises made by the One Bermuda Alliance 4½ years ago, and offered their insight on the greatest issues facing the island that the next government must […]

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Confined Sea Turtles Released in Great Sound

Today [June 27], the Ministry of the Environment returned 38 green turtles collected from the high marine traffic area of the Great Sound back to western waters. A spokesperson said, “A further eight of the smallest green turtles and three […]

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Concern Over Coot Pond ‘Commercialisation’

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] and Greenrock said they are “concerned about the creeping commercialisation of areas outside of the five beaches plan of the Bermuda Tourism Authority.” “Under the existing plan only five beaches are designated for development and […]

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Business hub to replace AC Village

An eco-friendly business hub could become the new tenant at Cross Island after the America’s Cup sets sail. In a report released yesterday, the Cross Island Legacy Committee — established to find a use for the nine-acre parcel of land […]

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BEST: ‘Ethical Dilemmas’ With Turtle Relocation

“The planned temporary relocating of turtles — certainly with the turtles’ interest at heart — from the America’s Cup main racecourse, poses a number of environmental and ethical dilemmas,” BEST said today. It was previously announced that in “anticipation of […]

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