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MarketPlace Offer Discount For Reusable Bags

The MarketPlace today announced it will be “offering a 10-cent discount for each reusable bag presented and used at checkout as part of an overall commitment to becoming a more eco-conscience organisation.” A spokesperson said, “Beginning today customers will get […]

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Island approach to single use plastics discussed at international forum

Plans to ban single use plastics in Bermuda were highlighted by the home affairs minister at an international forum. Walter Roban told the virtual Financial Times Global Boardroom event that the island was leading the way on climate change. Mr […]

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Image problem at Botanical Gardens forces BTA to pull photograph

The Bermuda Tourism Authority has been forced to pull a misleading image of the Botanical Gardens from its website – because the old photograph of manicured flower beds is a world away from the state of the grounds at present. […]

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How Bermuda can contribute to addressing the global warming crisis

Opinion, by David Wingate I cannot stress strongly enough that this is a last-chance, life-or-death situation, not only for human civilisation as we know it, but for the biosphere (all life) as a whole. We have let this creep up […]

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Plastic not fantastic as climate change summit hears it’s in food and water

People eat about a credit card’s worth of plastic every week, it was revealed at a youth climate change summit yesterday. The stomach-churning news was featured in a video presentation that showed that people ingested about five grams of microplastics […]

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Environmental groups are wary about offshore fishing plans

The Government must conduct a robust public consultation before the development of a sustainable offshore fishing industry, a conservation action group has said. Plans to create a marine protected area that prohibits fishing – as well as a fishery – […]

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Eco Lunch & Learn On Botanical Gardens

On Thursday [Nov 18], guest speaker Danny R. M. Simmons will outline his plans to revitalise the Botanical Gardens and “restore it to its former, glorious state.” A BEST spokesperson said, “Saved in 2006 from the new hospital development, today […]

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Beyond Plastic Bermuda Webinar On Nov 16

Beyond Plastic Bermuda will be hosting a free webinar on Tuesday [Nov 16] from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. A spokesperson said, “You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about Government’s intended ban on single-use plastic. Hear from the […]

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Best advice on climate change

In a recent update on the work done by the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce, we expressed significant concern about the undeniable acceleration of the effects of climate change. It is encouraging to hear the Government’s insistence that there are a […]

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