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Deadline passes for ATV views

The chance for the public to have a say on the proposal for quad bike tours on protected land in the West End passed yesterday. However, the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Task Force questioned whether all submissions had been received by […]

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Residents Visit The Proposed ATV Tours Route

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] recently hosted a walk around the proposed ATV tours route through Hog Bay Park in the west end, and have also reminded people that the deadline for submitting feedback is today [Nov 14]. “Up to 100 concerned citizens […]

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BEST reports difficulty with ATV submissions

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Task Force has reported difficulties for persons commenting on the proposed use of quad bikes on West End park land. The concept, which has been branded “troublesome” by BEST, has been opened to the public for […]

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Trust manager vows to fight ATV tours

The trustees of a sprawling West End beauty spot yesterday slammed plans to bring quad bike tours to the Railway Trail. Kim Sheen, a real estate agent who manages the Heydon Trust in Somerset, said: “Absolutely not.” The proposal, now […]

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BNT Objects To Proposal To Allow ATV Tours

The Bermuda National Trust is “strongly objecting” to the proposal to allow the Railway Trail and National Parks in the West End to be used for ATV tours, and it is urging its members and supporters to review the proposal and to send […]

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Campaigners back ATV consultation plan

A campaign group has supported the Bermuda Government’s decision to hold public consultation on a plan to allow quad bike tours on the Railway Trail. Take Back Our Park said the proposal “goes against the clear spirit of the Parks […]

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A ludicrous proposal if ever there was one

By David Wingate Every so often a proposal comes forward that is so ludicrous and beyond the realm of logical deduction within the paradigm of society that it is easy to conclude that it must be some sort of April […]

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Call for Trail quad bike plan to be ditched

Farmers have called for plans to run all-terrain vehicle tours on the Railway Trail to be ditched. The Bermuda Farmers’ Association said yesterday that the proposal was “highly contentious”. The group said the vehicles would cause air and noise pollution, […]

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Public to have its say on ATV proposal

The ATV proposal would affect the trail in protected areas of Scaur Hill Fort Park and Hog Bay Park. The public is encouraged to share their submissions in the following ways: • Comments may be sent in writing via the […]

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