BEST Opinion article

A coalition of environmental groups yesterday appealed to the Government to strengthen protection of nature reserves.

Kim Smith, the executive director of the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce, said the island had lost “protected” land to development.

In an opinion in today’s Royal Gazette, Ms Smith said: “Bermuda’s green space is rapidly diminishing because we are not adhering to our own conservation guidelines.

“It is particularly affecting areas of open space, and woodland, agricultural and coastal reserves.

“This is of major concern to local environmental organisations, as it should be to everyone.”

Ms Smith said BEST had joined forces with the Audubon Society, The Garden Club of Bermuda and the Bermuda National Trust to ask the Government to beef up protections and uphold the zoning established in the 2018 Draft Bermuda Plan.

She added: “The Draft Bermuda Plan appropriately aspires to balance development with environmental protection.

“However, in practice, a steady loss of our protected lands is taking place. Once a parcel of land is developed, it is lost for generations, if not forever.”

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