We urge you to respond to the current application by West End Properties (Gencom) for an SDO at the Fairmont Southampton property. An SDO is required because the requested development would be refused under the policies of the Bermuda Plan 2018. It will result in the loss of 34 acres of undeveloped woodland, recreational space and open space. It will result in the loss of one fourth of the award-winning Turtle Hill Golf Course.

We firmly believe that the proposed level of development will be detrimental to the natural beauty and environment of Bermuda and in turn diminish our attractiveness as a tourism destination. The economic analysis that was provided is inadequate and does not justify these costs. The Environmental Impact Assessment is based on incomplete information. Parliament has already approved widespread concessions for re-development on the property. These benefits will apply to units that are purely residential (not tourism) as well as the tourism units.

We need to let the decision makers know that this SDO is not acceptable. Please take the following actions:

Take action

SDO page – Planning Department
Bermuda National Trust – Advocacy
Details of application can be found at: SDO0001-23
Master Plan can be found here.

In the media

Then and now: an artist impression of the redevelopment of the Fairmont Southampton. The top image shows a 2009 plan for redevelopment, while the lower image illustrates how the resort could look if new proposals get the go-ahead (Royal Gazette)



The Royal Gazette, April 21, 2023:

Kevin Maybury, April 21, 2023