An alliance of environmental advocacy groups have launched an online survey to gauge public awareness of Bermuda’s planning policies.

The survey, launched by the Planning Applications Review Team, questions participants on their thoughts on coastal development, the use of brownfield sites and how well they believe planning rules protect reserve space.

The survey page states: “Bermuda’s total landmass is less than 13,500 acres and continues to be under significant development pressure.

“The Bermuda Plan – which is updated approximately every ten years – seeks to provide for sustainable long-term development by balancing economic, environmental and social needs, but our impression is that the balance has tipped toward development, at the expense of environmental protection.

“This anonymous poll is designed to gauge our community’s awareness, interest, and concern regarding protected areas in Bermuda and will guide our work to inspire reasonable and sustainable development solutions.”

The Royal Gazette, January 24, 2023