Plans to install a funicular at the Bermudiana Beach Resort have sparked objections from environmental groups.

Both the Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Audubon Society have filed objections to the scheme.

The BNT said the project went against the Bermuda Plan 2018, which has just been approved in the House of Assembly.

The trust said in an objection letter dated June 10: “Development of any kind on our coasts will be subjected to the worst of weather and is likely to succumb to the increased hurricanes and harsh weather associated with the anticipated effects of climate change.

“The Bermuda Plan 2018 acknowledges ‘global climate change will mean that Bermuda’s coastline is increasingly at risk from wave energy, storm surge, flooding and erosion’.

“This 2018 Plan makes clear its objectives are focused on ‘minimising development within these areas and maintaining their open, natural state’ but this development is large, within coastal reserve and is certain to negatively impact the ‘natural, historic and scenic features and qualities of Bermuda’s coastal areas’.”

The BNT also said that the funicular would be exposed to extreme weather conditions and could be left a “rusting eyesore” if it breaks down.

While the BNT called for the application to be refused, they added that if it is approved they hope a decommissioning plan for the funicular will be required.

The charity also raised concerns about how the installation of the funicular would affect the stability of the cliff face.

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