We Won! At least we won a partial victory

 During the Senate debate on the TPC SDO, the government “moved to rise and report progress” which, essentially, suspends the debate. It would appear the decision was taken because the government realized they would not win the vote. Rather than proceeding to a vote, and losing, the government exercised its privilege to call off the debate for now. We are unsure of the next steps but anticipate that the government will craft amendments to the SDO that will make it more palatable to the Senators who said they could not support it in its present form.  Stay tuned…

 Congratulations to all who helped our Senators to become more informed!

 Thanks to everyone who has helped bring this debate to this stage:

 Kim Smith and her team for organising the TPC Walkabout.

 Frances Marshall and her team for organizing the demonstration.

 All the organisations who contributed or committed to the campaign.

 All the volunteers, without whom nothing would get done..

 The hundreds of well-wishers who lent moral and other support..

 The legislators who went the extra mile to become truly informed.

 TPC who allowed us to walk through their property.

 Bermuda, the Island and the people, for making it all worthwhile.