Tucker’s Point Management Ltd. has submitted an application for the first of many developments that were given in-principle approval through the Special Development Order (SDO) passed through Parliament last year.

This application for development on Glebe Hill in Hamilton Parish re-emphasises BEST’s contention in our original objection to the SDO that it will be nearly impossible to develop most of the lots proposed without major environmental impacts. The fundamental reason is, quite simply, that most of the lots are either too small and with valuable environmental features, or too steep, or both.

 Steepness is the main problem with all three of the proposed lots on Glebe Hill.  The cut and fill sections accompanying the plans expose that despite the incredible steepness of the hillside it is proposed to cut and fill each lot in its entirety to a common level except for the required setback. This will result in sheer cliff cuts ranging from an estimated 15′ to 20′ in height, and fill of similar depth — destroying all existing vegetation and disrupting the soil cover over approximately 85% of each lot. It would be equivalent to a major quarry operation and, by default, would violate the conditions written into the SDO governing development on this property.

 Back in 2011 when the Environment Minister was pressing ahead with the in-principle approval of the development via an SDO, he emphasized the built-in safeguard of “stringent conditions”. The public should note that the developer seems to be attempting — in this the very first application since the granting of an SDO — to side-step the “stringent conditions” by  a) claiming that the conditions do not apply to this application,  b) claiming that the site is not a sufficiently “environmentally sensitive area” to require the studies set out in the “stringent conditions”, and  c) claiming there are no caves in the area without conducting or documenting the studies that would verify such a claim.

 Current owners/managers of the Tucker’s Point Resort may not have realized that the facility used up all its optimal development sites years ago. As a consequence any further development in the marginal or environmentally valuable sites designated for development by the SDO will only serve to degrade the whole area to the detriment of hotel, golf course and all pre-existing residential development.

 BEST will be formerly objecting to this application. Anyone wishing to know more about this application and the process for voicing their concerns should contact BEST via email at [email protected] or by phone at 292-3782.