The Senate voted “yes” (7 – 4) on the revised Tucker’s Point SDO last night (we haven’t seen the revised version yet). The SDO must now got the the House for final passage.

Of course we’re disappointed at the final vote but we are energized by the role we played in causing a rethink and revisions to the SDO. And while we are sure that some members of the government probably won’t give us credit or thanks, we appreciate that as a result of the work of all the partners in the coalition and their members, TPC were moved to come back to the table bearing gifts and scaled-down demands. For our part, we acknowledge the government negotiators for acquiring land to add to the public stock and we look forward to learning the details of the covenants that will apply to some parcels of land and what development is going be permitted on others.

 We will of course monitor any applications for development of TPC sites and object vigorously, if necessary, as the government has encouraged us to do.

 Thanks to the supporters, volunteers, consultants and all who engaged in this exercise, especially the Senators who listened to and shared information with us.

 The past several weeks have been intense and taxing. We intend to rest over the weekend then assess our next steps.

 Stay tuned.