If you wish to object to object to the application by Tucker’s Point Resort to subdivide lots on Glebe Hill slated for development, please read on. Ideally you should view the file at the Department of Planning. The file number is S0026/12. Our expert has reviewed the file and we have distilled out three points of objection that you can make.

The deadline for submission of your letter of objection is the end of workday on Friday 31 August 2012 — aim for no later than 4:30pm.

 Below is a sample letter that you can copy/paste (or add to) into a new email that you then will submit. The sample shows the correct format for your letter. The sample would be adequate if you place the correct information (date, name, etc.) within the brackets. You can add to the letter so it will be different from others who are responding to this email, but please do so respectfully (e.g., it wouldn’t be good to refer to TPC in any derogatory way).

 The 2011 Tuckers Point SDO 2011 is available [click here] We believe sections 3(3) and 4(2)(f) are the most relevant to this application and your objection letter. You can cite them or quote from them in your letter if you want your letter to stand out.

 Thanks for taking this action. Please check back at our website from time to time for new information.

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Kim Smith




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 The Director, the Department of Planning

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 Re: Tucker’s Point Management Ltd. – S0026/12 – Lots 1-6 including Glebe Hill and Paynter’s Road — Creation of Six (6) Additional Lots and Grants of Rights of Way (Final Plan)

Dear Director,

 I/we wish to object to the above development for the following reasons:

 1) The site is too steep to allow development without violating the conditions of the Tucker’s Point SDO-2011.

 2) The application implies that there are no caves in the area without providing evidence that the required surveys or studies have been completed that would document the presence or absence of caves, or cave features.

 3) The application declares that the site is “NOT located in a ‘more sensitive environmental area’” and uses this declaration as reason to avoid conducting the very studies that would support or refute the above-mentioned declaration.

 Please keep me/us informed of any updates, notices or meetings regarding this application.


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