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Great Sound turtles ‘moving home’ for Cup

Sea turtles are being temporarily relocated from the Great Sound to keep them out of harm’s way during the America’s Cup. They will be homed in a purpose-built ocean enclosure near the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo in an operation […]

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Teams praised for marine protection

An environmental group has hailed the six America’s Cup teams for their efforts protecting Bermuda’s marine habitat. The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce said it had been greatly encouraged by participants’ appreciation of the island’s beauty. The praise from chairman Stuart […]

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BEST Applauds AC35 “Sustainability Charter”

“It is encouraging that AC35 participants are consistently showing a deep appreciation of the beauty of Bermuda and her people,” BEST said following the news that the six teams in the America’s Cup signed a Sustainability Charter focused on environmental […]

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BEST Submission to the Cross Island Legacy Committee – Ideas for End-uses

At the top of BEST’s wish list for any virgin tract of land in our densely populated Island would be that 40% of the land area be inviolably zoned as open space in a combination of parkland, nature reserve, waterfront/coastal […]

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Public Submit 300 Ideas For Cross Island Use

More than 300 ideas were submitted for the use of nine acres of reclaimed land at the Royal Naval Dockyard. “The number of submissions was astonishing given that we only had a handful of weeks to publicise this,” said Wayne […]

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BEST & Greenrock Join Forces on Plans for Cross Island

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainabiliy Taskforce (BEST), has joined forces with Greenrock, another environmental watchdog group, to ensure that environmentalists have a “voice” on how to best use the nine acres of newly reclaimed land at Cross Island after the America’s […]

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BEST Comments on Cross Island Consultation

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] said they “would like to applaud the Cross Island Committee on their outreach and consultation efforts seeking ideas for making best use of Cross Island, once the America’s Cup Event Village has vacated the […]

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Jonathan Starling Joins Cross Island Committee

The head of one of Bermuda’s leading environmental charities has agreed to join a committee tasked with helping to find a lasting use for nine acres of reclaimed land. Jonathan Starling, the Executive Director of Greenrock, will sit on the […]

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South Basin/Cross Island: End-use Consultation

The West End Development Corporation (WEDCo) is the primary driving force behind the various efforts to develop the Dockyard area. In the old days, their mandate to develop was almost unfettered — certainly they didn’t have to inform, much less […]

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