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Huge public outcry needed to halt ‘desecration’ of island’s green spaces, says BNT

The “desecration” of Bermuda’s environment will continue unless there is a huge public outcry to stop development of green spaces, according to the Bermuda National Trust. The comments came after work started to clear a site on Harrington Sound Road […]

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SDO changes given green light despite objections

Controversial changes to Special Development Orders were approved in the House of Assembly yesterday despite objections by the Opposition. Walter Roban, the home affairs minister, said SDOs would undergo “far more transparency, scrutiny and testing” under global best practice rules […]

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SDO changes ‘prioritise short-term interests of private companies over environment’

The Bermuda National Trust has accused the Government of prioritising the short-term interests of private companies over the environment. Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs, said recently that tabled amendments to the Development and Planning Act would streamline the process for […]

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BEST Opposes Amendments To Planning Act

“BEST urges the public to take a stand and make their voices heard regarding these Amendments to the Planning Act,” the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce said. A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Environmental Taskforce, [BEST], is extremely concerned about the Amendments to the Planning […]

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Withdraw special development order changes, says BEST

Changes to the way Special Development Orders are granted could pave the way for a mass sell-off of land for real estate development at the Fairmont Southampton, an environmental group fears. Yesterday the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) called on […]

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New law would remove legislators’ right to reject SDOs

Special development orders, legislated for parliamentary scrutiny ten years ago, are no longer to go before the House of Assembly under legislation tabled on Friday. But Walter Roban, the home affairs minister, told The Royal Gazette there were “no projects and no […]

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New law changes way SDOs are approved

Special development orders will no longer have to be scrutinised by MPs under legislation tabled today. Walter Roban, the home affairs minister, tabled the Development and Planning Amendment Act 2021 which he said aims to increase environmental protection while also […]

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Environmental groups object to John Smith’s Bay concrete plan

Environmental groups have balked at a plan to fill in a cave at John Smith’s Bay as part of a coastal protection effort. But Government has defended the project, arguing that it will reduce potentially hazardous erosion. According to the […]

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Groups oppose Bermudiana Beach funicular plans

Plans to install a funicular at the Bermudiana Beach Resort have sparked objections from environmental groups. Both the Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Audubon Society have filed objections to the scheme. The BNT said the project went against the Bermuda […]

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