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Bermuda teams up with Caribbean countries to study whales

Bermuda has joined forces with Caribbean countries in a research project designed to examine the lives of Atlantic whales. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has teamed up with the Caribbean Marine Mammals’ Passive Acoustic Observatory – a network […]

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Experts Appointed To Sargasso Sea Commission

The Bermuda Cabinet approved the appointment of three international experts to the Sargasso Sea Commission on Tuesday [Sept 21], including Mark Spalding, Professor Stephen de Mora, and Dr Ana Colaço. A Government spokesperson said, “On September 21, 2021, the Bermuda Cabinet approved […]

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Bermuda’s Marine Spatial Plan Objectives

The Principles, Goals, and Objectives for Bermuda’s Marine Spatial Plan [MSP], approved by the BOPP Steering Committee, is now available to be viewed by the public. A spokesperson said, “The Principles, Goals, and Objectives define the purpose and desired results […]

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BIOS warns climate change means increased hurricane risk and reef damage

The seas around Bermuda have already started to suffer from damage caused by climate change, an island researcher has warned. Nick Bates, a senior scientist and director of research at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science, said Bermuda’s waters had […]

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Seagrass beds have ‘completely collapsed’ in last four years

Many acres of seagrass beds crucial for the survival of sea turtles and other marine life have “completely collapsed” over the last four years, according to a leading environmental group. The Bermuda Turtle Project says “immediate changes” are needed to […]

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Appeal to end shark fishing

A call for vulnerable sharks to be spared from fishing came from an environmentalist after pictures circulated via social media showed two dead tiger sharks aboard an unidentified boat. Tiger sharks are not only under threat, but crucial to the […]

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Environmental groups object to John Smith’s Bay concrete plan

Environmental groups have balked at a plan to fill in a cave at John Smith’s Bay as part of a coastal protection effort. But Government has defended the project, arguing that it will reduce potentially hazardous erosion. According to the […]

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Trash travels: unwanted visitors do damage to our oceans

This is the latest in a series of articles by the Bermuda Marine Debris Taskforce on the effects of pollution in the ocean. Here, Anne Hyde explains how ink cartridges from a shipping container that was lost at sea in 2014 are […]

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Plastic Plastic Everywhere: What are we to do?

Author:  byline to Jennifer Gray (major contributor to article Dr. Robbie Smith) This is the latest in a series to mark World Oceans Day which looks at how plastics and other pollutants are affecting the marine environment. Here, Bermuda Marine […]

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