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UN: Climate Disruption, Biodiversity, Pollution

“The planet is facing a triple crisis — climate disruption, biodiversity loss and pollution,” the United Nations Secretary-General said, adding that “we need the international community to intensify efforts to protect the ocean.” Speaking at the recent One Ocean Summit, UN […]

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Paper Suggests Banning Outdoor Balloon Release

Passing a law to “ban the release of helium-filled balloons outdoors” is one of the proposals contained in the “regulating single-use plastics in Bermuda” policy paper, which the Government has released for consultation. In providing a “summary of the actions that […]

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BEST Tag Day, Thursday, May 24th!

Please support the first BEST Tag Day on Thursday, May 24th… the original Bermuda Day!. BEST relies on the financial support of.donations and events such as these. We hope for a good turn out! Thank you!

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Quad bike plan for parks ‘troublesome’

Plans to use quad bikes in Bermuda’s parks and on the Railway Trail need an impact assessment, environmental watchdogs said yesterday. The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Task Force warned that environmental, economic and social factors had to be examined to avoid […]

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Fears over Railway Trail quad bike plan

West End residents and environmentalists have queried plans to introduce quad bike tours to the Railway Trail in Somerset. Members of the public issued a statement earlier today describing their qualms. The proposal was approved by former Minister of the […]

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BEST Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] is celebrating its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of “its vital work as campaigner for the environment for the protection of Bermuda’s limited and diminishing conservation zones.” A spokesperson said, “In 2006, a small group of […]

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Environmental Statistics Compendium Released

The Minister of Cabinet Office with Responsibility for Government Reform Lovitta Foggo today released the latest available Environmental Statistics Compendium prepared by the Department of Statistics. “The publication is the collation of existing data sourced from the activities of both […]

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Nations Will Start Talks to Protect Fish of the High Seas

New York Times – Somini Sengupta, Aug. 2, 2017 UNITED NATIONS — More than half of the world’s oceans belong to no one, which often makes their riches ripe for plunder. A school of bluefin tuna in a fishery tow […]

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Microfibres Emerging As New Environmental Threat As Canada Moves Toward Banning Microbeads

National Post (13 Nov, 2016)

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