The organiser of the Shelly Bay Raft Up at the weekend has said he will look at better trash disposal and a clean-up team for water-based parties for future events.

Jason Sukdeo, who organised several events over the National Heroes Weekend, was speaking after an online video of a snorkeller who collected three trash bags of bottles and plastic cups from the sea bed at the popular family beach the day after Saturday’s event.

Natalie Dyrli said the beach and park areas were “immaculate” but when entered the water the seabed was carpeted in trash.

Ms Dyrli said: “The land was in very good condition — you wouldn’t have known there was a party there.

“But in the water there were lots and lots of bottles, especially WKD bottles.

“There were quite a few plastic cups and plastic is really bad for the environment. I found a pair of shoes, sunglasses … I had three full mesh bags that are about the size of a trash bag.

“I dumped the first bag and then I went home and got my GoPro to go back.

“I just want to keep Bermuda beautiful and maybe we can use this as a learning experience.

Ms Dyrli added: “I am all for events like this — I think it was great to see everybody coming together and having a good time.

“And I think it’s great that the organisers are looking at ways to make it better in future.

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