UPDATE: We have corrected our sample letter so that it does not include the BEST logo in the header. If you are yet to submit your own letter, please make sure that it only contains your address in header.

Friday the 15th of July, at 5pm is the deadline for commenting on the construction plans of the Park Hyatt Hotel, set to be built in the Town of St. George’s. The following sample letter (click link for document) includes a list of objections and concerns identified by BEST in regards to the plans. Please help support the interests of the residents of St. George’s and the Island of Bermuda, by printing and sending in your own version of the attached sample letter to the Department of Planning.

Things to keep in mind before submitting your letter:

Please remember to fill in your personal information in the areas of the sample letter marked in brackets [ ] before you submit your version of the letter.
The letter should be hand delivered to the following address before the deadline (Friday 15 July, 2011 5pm):
The Director
Department of Planning
Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 5th floor
#58 Court Street
Hamilton HM12

Although hand delivery is best, the letter can be faxed to 295-4100 or sent via email to [email protected] .
The sample letter includes a list of concerns and objections raised by BEST but you are encouraged to modify the letter (delete, add and/or adjust points) to suit your individual position.