The end of the year has come and still there is no movement on the Park Hyatt site in St. George’s. Further to the concerns expressed in our December 13th press release (Media release Park Hyatt-Bazarian – Dec 13 2012 – corrected.docx), Mr. Carl Bazarian has failed once again to meet the terms of the development agreement and BEST is appealing to the new Government to terminate the agreement and so put us on the right footing as regards this lost opportunity. Regaining control of one of our scarce and precious assets will mean that we won’t just let the fates lead us where they will. We will begin a new year and a new era in our history by truly stepping-up to the responsibility of charting our own course in securing a development partnership that is more suitable to our small island home.

Mr. Bazarian has not shown the level of commitment to Bermuda that we would have expected and it is wholly unacceptable for such a treasure to be tied up once again in this type of gridlock.

What can happen right now is for the golf course to be reopened, with a new clubhouse if possible, so that St. Georgians can once again derive the benefit from an amenity that has been denied to them and other Bermudians over the past 5 years.