Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown reported on the findings of the Nekton Mission I, XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey and the Ocean Risk Summit in the House of Assembly today [May 11], calling it “an exciting week for marine science in Bermuda.”

Minister Brown said, “This week has been an exciting week for marine science in Bermuda. On Monday, I, as the Minister responsible for the Environment, received the findings of the Nekton Mission I, XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey in Bermuda.

“Since September 2016, scientists drawn from a network of over a dozen participating marine research institutes have collaborated to analyse 40,000 specimens and samples, and 15,000 litres of water samples.

“Laboratory analysis revealed the discovery of over one hundred [100] new species including very small animals and dozens of new algal species, as well as black wire coral that stand up to two metres high.

“The survey also confirmed a new zone in the ocean, the Rariphotic Zone [Rare Light Zone] from 130 metres to 300 metres.

“Following on from this, on Wednesday, I had the pleasure of providing welcome remarks for the ground-breaking Ocean Risk Summit, sponsored and led by XL Catlin.

“This Summit was the first of its kind, bringing together leaders from around the world with diverse backgrounds and influence to discuss and find solutions to the risks posed to human society by the changing ocean.

“The outcomes of the Summit will not only be important for Bermuda but will be globally significant as well, and I hope to report back to you in the near future with some of these outcomes.”

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