The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] has unveiled a new strategy to “guide their ongoing work of ensuring the protection, conservation, and preservation of Bermuda’s natural environment.”

A spokesperson said, “One of the island’s leading nonprofit environmental organisations, BEST is pleased to announce a new strategy to guide their ongoing work of ensuring the protection, conservation and preservation of Bermuda’s natural environment.

“When Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce’s founder and driving force, the much loved and respected Stuart Hayward, stepped down due to poor health more than a year ago, the organisation quickly recognised the need to evolve its original practices.

“A strong sense of direction had become challenging without its founder and BEST discovered many characteristics of the organisation no longer worked.

“Demand for BEST’s work continued to increase while the staff of one, along with their dedicated volunteers, were finding it difficult to meet the growing demand, especially against the backdrop of dwindling donor funding.

“A sustainable Bermuda for future generations is BEST’s vision. BEST’s mission supports this vision by inspiring greater value and appreciation of the environment and an understanding of how critically human behaviour impacts it.

“A healthy environment is not only vital to our survival, but the survival of all living things. BEST believes we must learn to exist in harmony with nature, not in competition with it.

“Relentless development in Bermuda, the loss of open space and the island’s natural resources [the marine environment being one of our most valuable], along with the effects of climate change seriously threaten our existence. We must come together to mitigate the effects of these threats as swiftly as we can.

“Safeguarding arable land and open spaces, protecting our marine environment and resources, reducing emissions and investing in green technology, ridding the island of single-use plastics, and working with the community and Government to ensure our community is committed to greener solutions across the board are critical.”

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