BEST [Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce] and Bermuda College will hold an Eco Lunch & Learn series presentation tomorrow [Nov 30] featuring Aaron Critchlow, the founder of Bermuda Is Love.

A spokesperson said, “BEST and Bermuda College are pleased to invite the community to attend their second presentation of the Eco Lunch & Learn series of the season. The presentation is free and no registration is required. On Thursday, November 30, Aaron Critchlow will explain Bermuda Is Love’s vision is to create a Bermuda where everyone’s basic human needs, including food, clothing, housing, education, healthcare, a healthy environment, and access to justice, are met and guaranteed by law.

“Aaron will discuss the limitations, impact and potential significance of Bermuda recognizing a new human right, that being the right to a healthy environment.

“In November, Bermuda Is Love launched the #1Planet1Right campaign in collaboration with Bermuda Environmental Action to advocate for the right to a clean, healthy, safe, and sustainable environment.

“A clean, healthy, safe, and sustainable environment is essential for the enjoyment of a wide range of human rights, and permits us to protect a person’s rights to life, health, housing, food, water and sanitation.

“Our human lives are inseparable from nature and our human rights and lived experiences are intertwined with the environment we live in. Without access to a clean, healthy, safe, and sustainable environment, our ability to meet our basic needs and to provide the basic material standards for human welfare and dignity are challenged.

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