A study to “identify the potential impacts and risks of climate change to Bermuda” will be launched, Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said in the House of Assembly today.

The Minister said, “Within the next 25 years Bermuda is expected to experience extreme weather events. Events that typically used to occur once every one-hundred years are predicted to occur every year. These include more frequent and more intense storms, higher sea levels and tides, and increased and intense but less predictable rainfall.

“Additionally, Bermuda faces the threat of major changes to its marine ecosystem including our protective coral reefs that encircle the islands, as well as intrusion of salt water into our freshwater lenses which may result in critical reductions in our water supply.

“These effects of climate change are a major threat to Bermuda. The sum total of these impacts has the potential to affect our very viability as a country. Our infrastructure, including but not limited to: the airport, the solar farm on the airport finger, public highways, the port infrastructure in Hamilton and St. George, the Dockyard cruise ship terminal, some hotels, as well as energy production and distribution, are under threat. The land we live on, particularly in low-lying areas and even our south shore beaches which are important for our tourism industry are also all under threat.

Read more here: https://bernews.com/2022/03/study-on-climate-change-impact-on-bermuda/