Thank you to Jennifer Phillips, our stage manager, who was there from the beginning and who brought in her posse – Alan C. Smith as artistic director who created such a beautiful tapestry and Kim Dismont Robinson who advised on the cast and said yes to favours asked. To Stuart Hayward whose friendship with Jerry was the inspiration; Frances Marshall, BEST Board Member and Production Coordinator; Kim Smith, Lynne Matcham and the BEST Board who gave it their blessing and precious time; Josiah and Alec Frith who kept the flame alive; David Skinner Executive Director of the Bermuda Festival, who despite the scariness of the unknown made it happen; David’s team Ginny Masters, Nancy Smith and John Waddell who graciously worked with us and to the amazingly talented, all-Bermudian cast without whom it would not have been possible; to BEST member Gordon Johnson for hatching the idea in 2016 and of course to Jeremy Fuller Frith whose message is still relevant to present-day Bermuda.

Our very BEST thanks to all of our supporters and donors for contributing to this wonderful event.