Living in Bermuda, we may not realise the extent to which our lives are impacted by the Monsanto Corporation. While we may not have GMO crops in Bermuda, we import much of our food from the U.S. where they do have GMO crops, and which are then used to produce many packaged food items that we buy and consume.

In Bermuda, the name ‘Monsanto’ may be most known as the maker of the pesticide RoundUp; a pesticide which contains glyphosate, a chemical deemed by the World Health Organisation to be a probable carcinogen.  The term ‘probable’ is used because testing of RoundUp cannot be done on human beings (but causes tumours in lab rats).  In this context, ‘probable’ means likely… not just possible.  Health concerns are even greater now that RoundUp is also being used (in the) days before the harvesting of wheat, increasing the concentration in food products.

Monsanto is a publicly-traded, multinational, agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, whose shareholders make money while the food supply is being poisoned.  See more about Monsanto’s toxic legacy at

SO… what can we do?

* Join our event, Bermuda’s Virtual March Against Monsanto on our BEST Facebook page.*

* Get informed – see this recent article about RoundUp – it isn’t just the glyphosate…*

* Vote with your dollars and support your health by buying organic products *

* Demand labelling of products containing GMOs *

* Boycott Monsanto-owned companies that use GMOs in their products *

* Demand further independent scientific research on the health effects of GMOs *

We won’t take injustice quietly… we will not stand for jeopardising food security and that’s why we March Against Monsanto!