Sustainable Solutions for Preserving and Protecting our Beautiful Home

The PLP will work to protect our environment, usher in a new era of renewable energy which will reduce our cost of living, and reduce waste and litter in Bermuda.

Your next PLP Government will:

  • Lease the many acres of government arable land that are currently not being used in order to boost domestic food production. The incentive is to modernise the equipment used to boost productivity and make the domestic industry more profitable.
  • Promote and develop community gardens that can assist in meeting the needs of the less fortunate in our community.
  • Review and reform the Bermuda Plan to ensure that it provides the right framework of balance to sustain development and protect the environment.
  • Review the current system for handling raw sewage waste and work with the private sector to facilitate systems that will properly treat sewage waste.
  • Produce a Green Paper for consultation on establishing a mandatory recycling programme, a charge on single-use plastic bags, and a beverage container deposit system. This Green Paper will review options and examine the costs and potential environmental and economic benefits for the island.


Your next PLP Government will:

  • Embrace private sector investments to develop large-scale generation of alternative energy, be it water, wind or solar technology.
  • Ensure energy equality by assisting those on fixed incomes to reduce their energy costs through supporting reduced interest loans for installing energy-efficient technologies and solar panels for energy production.
  • Take the lead in investing in the Green Economy by outfitting government buildings with renewable energy generation technologies, enabling the government to become a net producer of energy, thus saving it $20 million annually. The PLP will also convert the government’s fleet of light vehicles to hybrid and electric vehicles.