The chance for the public to have a say on the proposal for quad bike tours on protected land in the West End passed yesterday.

However, the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Task Force questioned whether all submissions had been received by the Department of Parks.

BEST said some people had reported technical problems with their e-mails failing to deliver.

The use of all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, on the Railway Trail and protected reserves in Sandys, has been branded “troublesome” by BEST, which hosted a walk on part of the proposed route over the weekend.

With the group urging the public to register their disapproval at the proposal, about 100 people walked in Hog Bay Park on Sunday.

BEST recommended that concerned members of the public also copy their complaints to the group “as an insurance policy so that comments won’t just disappear”.

A statement read: “While we support public consultation on issues that will have a collective impact, we feel it must be said it’s better to have a consultation before decisions are made rather than being tempted to use consultation to shore up an already-made decision.”

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