The Bermuda National Trust is “strongly objecting” to the proposal to allow the Railway Trail and National Parks in the West End to be used for ATV tours, and it is urging its members and supporters to review the proposal and to send in their own objections.

The BNT said, “The former One Bermuda Alliance government have provisional approval for the plan. The National Trust understands that the approval was given despite a unanimous recommendation by the Parks Commission to reject the proposal.

“The National Trust welcomes the current Government’s decision to hold a public consultation on the proposal, and hopes that it will lead to wider public consultations on environmental issues in the future.

“The proposal would bring all-terrain vehicles on to the Railway Trail, Hog Bay Park, Fort Scaur Park and the Heydon Trust.”

National Trust President Alana Anderson said: “The Trust vehemently objects to National Parks being accessed by motorised vehicles as it would be wholly incompatible with the quality, character and function of these natural and historic sites.

“The National Trust supports the active enjoyment of our parks and open spaces and encourages their enhancement and new uses for them. We also welcome innovative thinking to revitalize our tourism industry and to enrich our visitors’ experiences in Bermuda.

“Nevertheless, the proposal would set a terrible precedent. Hog Bay Park is one of Bermuda’s largest and most peaceful parks which is a vital amenity for neighbourhoods in the area while thousands of people use the Railway Trial for walking and relaxation.

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