BEST and Bermuda College will host a series of lectures aimed at providing discussion on environmental issues.

A spokesperson said, “On the last Thursday of every month from September 2018 through April, 2019, BEST and Bermuda College will host a series of lectures aimed at providing discussion on the environmental issues affecting us today. Discussions will also address what individual and collective solution-based actions we can take to make a difference.

“Raising awareness and generating discussion around Bermuda’s environmental issues means that we can explore options and choose the best solutions for any problem. With information comes knowledge and with knowledge comes empowerment which is what BEST and Bermuda College both strive to provide.”

Kim Smith, Executive Director of BEST explained, “Sharing information on environmental issues may be the best way to help individuals see the opportunities to participate and make a contribution.

“Collaboration is the very best way to develop and promote ideas and solutions that impact us collectively. Partnering with the College means that the exploration of real issues can be incubated and infused into Bermuda’s highest institution of learning.’

Amy Harvey, the Earth and Environmental Science lecturer at the Bermuda College added, ‘Partnering with BEST allows us to continue building our relationships with community partners while striving to become a hub for environmental education and awareness in Bermuda.”

“Bermuda College is an ideal meeting spot for the community to come and learn about environmental issues in a comfortable setting that is hassle free in terms of parking and access.

“It is very apt that we kick start this Eco ‘Lunch & Learn’ Series with conversations around energy, climate change and solutions that everyone can implement. We look forward to showcasing and sharing Bermudian knowledge about environmental topics throughout the academic year with our community.”

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