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Blueprint for Sustainability

This Blueprint has been developed following requests for input on what BEST believes to be the critical ingredients of an environmental platform. It is intended to outline what it means to be a sustainable community and what it will take to get there.

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Bermuda Shipping Channel Study Analysis & Response

BEST Analysis of and Response to the Bermuda Shipping Channel Study

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The Role of Agriculture in Bermuda’s Future

Recently a report on the role of agriculture in Bermuda’s future was written by Aran McKittrick.  An excerpt of the Executive Summary is below.  Please see the below link to the full PDF report. Bermuda has lost an estimated 87% of […]

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Research document: Cross Island Marina

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Cliff Erosion Study

As more development is being considered for Bermuda’s coastal conservation areas, BEST encourages the Bermuda government and private developers to heed the advice of our local experts Former Government Conservation Officer Dr. David  Wingate has been observing coastal erosion for […]

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Environmental Charter

Environmental Charter: Guiding Principles for the UK Government, for the government of Bermuda and for the people of Bermuda  2001

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