The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] has announced that Kim Smith has assumed the role of Executive Director at the beginning of this year, upon the retirement of long-serving Chief Advocacy Officer, Stuart Hayward.

A spokesperson said, “Kim first met Stuart Hayward in 2007 when they worked together on the Southlands campaign and she has been involved with BEST since. In 2012 she became a consultant to BEST and a member of the Operations Team.”

Ms Smith added, “I have enjoyed 10 years of very satisfying engagement on issues that are important to the BEST mission and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years as we continue with our vision for a sustainable Bermuda for future generations.”

Alma Dismont, an Associate with Marshall, Diel & Myers Limited, joined BEST in 2017. She said, “The Bermuda that BEST protects, inspires and envisions is a sustainable Bermuda, preserved for all of us.

“It is where our children still have parks to play in, nature reserves to explore and beautiful beaches to build castles on. It is a Bermuda where we are still protected by reefs, can still drink water from our tanks and eat fish from our ocean. I am honoured and very excited to be part of the BEST team.”

“Lynne Matcham, a veteran marketing professional, joined BEST in 2015 as a volunteer. Her love of Bermuda’s natural environment, that she has grown up in and has spends most of her time enjoying, made BEST a perfect choice to further her interest in protecting Bermuda’s limited marine and land environments for all to enjoy.”

“She leads the BEST communications and marketing efforts and is very pleased to join the Board of BEST and work closely with its members, the Management Team and volunteers.

Gail Miller, BEST Chair, said, “The BEST Board is very pleased that Kim has stepped up to the role of Executive Director, she has had a solid mentor in Stuart over the last 10 years and is now ready, willing and very capable of leading BEST for the next 10 years.

“The Board welcomes both Alma, Lynne and Kim to the team and look forward to their contribution to the BEST vision of “a sustainable Bermuda for future generations”.

Alma Dismont

Lynne Matcham

Kim Smith