On Thursday [Nov 18], guest speaker Danny R. M. Simmons will outline his plans to revitalise the Botanical Gardens and “restore it to its former, glorious state.”

A BEST spokesperson said, “Saved in 2006 from the new hospital development, today Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens has sadly fallen into a state of neglect. Although the Bermuda Botanical Gardens boasts a wide range of nationally and internationally significant values, pressing management issues, operational needs and prolonged neglect have crippled the effectiveness of any management plan. Strategic interim measures need to be urgently put in place.

“On Thursday, November 18th, guest speaker, Bermudian Danny R. M. Simmons, M.L.A., A.S.L.A., M.C.H.T.A., M.C.I., will outline his plans to revitalise the Gardens and restore it to its former, glorious state.

“His presentation will highlight critical pre-planning activities that have been undertaken to date, as well as nine strategic initiatives necessary to reverse the risk of further loss to the Garden’s value and an improvement of the effectiveness of an updated Botanical Gardens Management Plan.

“Danny is a public-sector Landscape Architect working and residing in his native island of Bermuda. He has over 25 years of landscape architectural experience in the Ministries of Works & Engineering, Public Works and the Office of Project Management & Procurement.”

Read more here: https://bernews.com/2021/11/eco-lunch-learn-on-botanical-gardens/