By Nick Hutchings, BEST Energy Committee

While there are still some people who do not believe climate change is caused by human activity, very few will deny that the climate is changing and that we must adapt to the new threats we face as a result.

Upper-ocean temperature, which is fuel for hurricanes around Bermuda, is increasing. The height of extreme sea levels caused by storms is increasing. Warming is causing more intense, heavy rainfall events.

Research indicates that the frequency of the most intense storms is likely to increase, and that more of these storms are moving farther north.

A look at the historical data shows the one thing that is decreasing is the speed at which these storms are moving, prolonging the duration of heavy rainfall in hurricanes.

During his presentation at the Ocean Risk Summit held in Bermuda this year, Kedrick Pickering, the Deputy Premier of the British Virgin Islands, strongly advised us to diversify our energy supply mix in response to the threat of climate change.

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