The plant reproduction process requires pollination to ensure that plants produce fertile seeds and then fruit. Flowering plants require assistance from bees and butterflies for pollination. Many plants are ideal for attracting pollinators due to their scents and colors. To ensure that plant reproduction continues the way nature intended, bees and butterflies must continue to thrive. Contribute to this natural process by creating a garden that will attract pollinators. Your bee and butterfly garden will provide a place for pollination when other environmental factors, such as pesticide use, threaten this process.

Fragrance plays a significant role in attracting bees and butterflies to a garden. Each plant possesses a unique scent that combines volatile organic compounds, which convert to gases and move through the air. Different pollinators have specific preferences for fragrances, preferring some scents over others in a garden. Bees have more preferences for fragrances than butterflies do because butterflies have less-sensitive olfactory senses. For this reason, butterflies are more attracted to colors and unusual petal shapes than scents.

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