The newest community garden at Southlands Park has been launched and “there are also several new sites on the horizon as we identify areas in other parishes and work to achieve our goal of a community garden in every parish,” Minister of Public Works Lt. Col. David Burch said.

Speaking earlier today, the Minister said, “Good Afternoon. To Promote and develop community gardens that can assist in meeting the needs of the less fortunate in our community.’ “This is an excerpt from the 2017 Progressive Labour Party Election Platform regarding community gardens.”

“I am joined today by Ms. Jameka Smith [Acting Park Planner], Mr. Stephen Furbert [Senior Superintendent] and the Volunteer Community Garden Manager for this newest community garden, Southlands Park Community Garden, Ms. Belinda Cameron.

“Many will be familiar with the longest established and most well-known Crow Lane Community Garden. This garden, established in 1984, continues to flourish to this day and is the perfect example of a project leading to broader Community collaboration that goes well beyond gardening.

“Crow Lane has been led by Dr. Gloria & Mr. Rawle Frederick from the very beginning in 1984, an incredible 37 -year journey that demonstrates their passion for gardening. They have also freely shared their knowledge with all those who have sought advice. And so again, I would like to publically thank the Frederick’s for their many years of commitment and dedication to this magnificent project.

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