After saying for years that I must go to Southlands, I finally went.

I was pretty excited. I’m not very good, but I like to take pictures and was hopeful that Southlands would provide some interesting material.

It did. But not in the way I was hoping or expecting. You will see some of them if you continue reading. It was exceptionally disappointing, to say the least, and made me research this blog post.

I didn’t research back too far, 2014, as it became obvious very quickly that the theme was the same: promises but no action.

(A quick reminder before you read on of how this all started as the Royal Gazette reported: Government formally obtained the Southlands estate in 2012 as part of a land swap, trading 80 acres of brownfield land at Morgan’s Point for the 37-acre property. The trade was seen as a victory for campaigners who had fought since 2007 for the Warwick property to be protected from a proposed hotel development.)