Legislation to cut back on single-use plastics in Bermuda is expected to come forward this year, but the details of the proposal are still up for discussion.

Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs, said it was possible that a first phase of the plastic ban could come into effect in 2022, but that it was dependent on the results of continuing consultation.

He said. “My pledge is to make this as smooth a transition as possible and not do anything that creates an overly unnecessary burden.

“We want to do what people can manage doing, and we know that the economic situation in Bermuda is not easy right now, so we are not interested in putting a heavier burden than is necessary on our business community and those seeking to work and survive here.

“But we are seeking to make these changes because they are necessary for quality of life, for health and for the protection of our environment.”

Mr Roban added that he had not spoken to anyone who disagreed with the need for action.

He said: “People have their own minds about how it should be done or what should be taken out of the system, but no one has said we need to keep all of these pollutant, single-use, waste plastics in the environment.

“How we do it that is the thing we must carefully research.”

The Government announced in the 2018 Throne Speech that it intended to eliminate single-use plastics in Bermuda by this year, and a policy paper released last summer suggested that banning some plastic and styrofoam items could still be on the cards for this year.

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