Plans to ban single use plastics in Bermuda were highlighted by the home affairs minister at an international forum.

Walter Roban told the virtual Financial Times Global Boardroom event that the island was leading the way on climate change.

Mr Roban said afterwards: “I spoke about our commitment to the ban on single-use plastics following wide consultation using a phased approach. Also of the need to educate and change consumers behaviours so that they not only understand but value and appreciate the need to reduce the use of single-use plastics.”

He added: “We also know that businesses take some of their cues from what society demands.

“And so, if we demand in one voice that we no longer want single-use plastics in our environment, corporations and manufacturers will meet that demand by finding alternatives that are safe for the environment.

“A prime example is the proliferation of paper straws now used in restaurants across Bermuda.”

Mr Roban said that most of the plastic washed up on the island’s shores originated elsewhere – but that Bermuda should set an example.

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