An environmental campaign group has backed Government’s drive to rid the island of single-use plastics – but has acknowledged that the initiative “may be challenging”.

In a statement released today the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) said that it had teamed up with other groups to eradicate plastic waste on the island in a ‘Beyond Plastic Bermuda’ campaign.

A BEST spokesperson said: “The new coalition includes Keep Bermuda Beautiful and Greenrock, along with several advocates, and was formed to address the growing severity of our local problem within the global crisis of plastic pollution.

“The campaign’s goal is to “target specific ways to support Government’s intended ban on single-use plastics while urging the whole community, individuals and businesses alike, to find ways to do the same”.“

The spokesperson added: “BEST recognises that the changes the community is being asked to make may be challenging, but making changes is critical for the protection of Bermuda’s environment, the global environment and the health and wellbeing of Bermuda’s future generations.”

Kim Smith, executive director of BEST, said the organisation was also working on other conservation areas, including marine conservation, education, and managing the preservation of open spaces and other protected zonings.

Ms Smith said: “Of significant concern to BEST is climate change. We join others who fear the effects of climate change are already at a tipping point.

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