Government ministers and senators have been urged to reject controversial plans to redevelop the Fairmont Southampton hotel.

Environmental groups wrote a letter to the politicians arguing that the development was not “reasonable or complementary”.

They also accused the Government of failing to be transparent with the public over its contract with the owner, Gencom, and reminded members of the Cabinet that they had a duty to make decisions that were “in the best interests of the country”.

Westend Properties Ltd, the developer of the site, submitted a special development order to the Department of Planning in April, seeking in-principle approval to construct up to 114 tourism and 147 residential units in buildings of up to six storeys at the site.

It also sought permission for associated access roads, parking areas and modifications to the resort’s golf course.

The six-page letter was signed by Kim Smith, the executive director of the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce, on behalf of the Bermuda National Trust, the Bermuda Audubon Society “and other concerned environmentalists and residents“.

It listed a catalogue of reasons why the SDO should not be approved, including a lack of detail about the project, alleged misleading statements and claims, irreversible environmental harm and that it would be “ruinous” to the Bermuda brand.

Under the subheading “Lack of Political and Economic Transparency”, Ms Smith wrote: “For such a major project that seeks an SDO on the basis of national importance, the lack of transparency is extremely concerning.

“Bermudians are being asked to give up to development large tracts of protected land and yet we are being kept in the dark about critical elements of the deal.

“For instance, is the loan guarantee for $75 million or is it for more? What collateral has been put up for this guarantee? Is the guarantee contingent on the approval of the SDO or has it already been given, leaving us on the hook for the repayment already?

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