Opinion, by Nick Hutchings, BEST Energy Committee

It is sometimes good to look beyond the shores of our tiny island to gain some perspective on important issues such as energy.

The excellent article in the Deloitte Insight titled Global Renewable Energy Trends — Solar and Wind Move from Mainstream to Preferred by Marlene Motyka, principal in Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, Andrew Slaughter, executive director for the Deloitte Centre for Energy Solutions, and Carolyn Amon, manager with the Deloitte Centre for Energy Solutions, is just such an opportunity.

This opinion piece is a series of quotes from these highly qualified and well-informed authors.

“Having only recently been recognised as a ‘mainstream’ energy source, renewable energy is now rapidly becoming a preferred one. A powerful combination of enabling trends and demand trends, evident in multiple developed and developing nations globally, is helping solar and wind to compete on par with conventional sources and win.”

The first enabler: “Renewables are reaching price and performance parity on the grid and at the socket. Ahead of projections and despite lingering perceptions to the contrary, wind and solar power have become competitive with conventional generation technologies across the top global markets, even without subsidies.”

Read more here: http://www.royalgazette.com/opinion/article/20181217/different-perspective-on-energy