You may have heard that BEST won its Court case, and that the Warwick Long Bay “beach bar” has been quashed. This is a momentous occasion and one worth celebrating.

We would like to extend a special invitation to you. We thought you’d want to join us in celebrating this success. If so, please come to our Old Fashioned Beach Party September 4th from 5pm to 10pm.  There will be a barbeque with free hot dogs & drinks (while supplies last).  Bring your own food and drink if you like and have fun or just relax.

Please help by keeping all trash in the appropriate bins, no loud music and be very cautious of the Warwick Long Bay undertow.

We could also do with a little help in ceratin areas. If you can volunteer some time please send an email to [email protected] .

Thanks to everyone who supported BEST in its efforts to protect WLB and thank you to those companies who have donated to this event.

– John Barritt & Sons

– Butterfield & Vallis
– Bermuda Breads
– Market Place
– Gorhams

All the BEST,


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