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BPB Supports Single-Use Plastics Legislation

Beyond Plastic Bermuda [BPB] said they applaud the Government for “their intention to bring legislation forward governing single-use plastics in 2022, and urged the community to “provide their input on the proposed legislation.” A spokesperson said, “Beyond Plastic Bermuda [BPB] is […]

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Consultation Opens On Single Use Plastics

The Government has opened a public consultation on regulating single-use plastics in Bermuda, with people invited to “send written comments, suggestions or concerns regarding the planned timetable and scope of the proposed legislation on regulating single-use plastics” by September 30th. […]

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Bermuda’s Marine Spatial Plan Objectives

The Principles, Goals, and Objectives for Bermuda’s Marine Spatial Plan [MSP], approved by the BOPP Steering Committee, is now available to be viewed by the public. A spokesperson said, “The Principles, Goals, and Objectives define the purpose and desired results […]

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Paper Suggests Banning Outdoor Balloon Release

Passing a law to “ban the release of helium-filled balloons outdoors” is one of the proposals contained in the “regulating single-use plastics in Bermuda” policy paper, which the Government has released for consultation. In providing a “summary of the actions that […]

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Public to have say on proposed single use plastic ban

A public consultation process on single-use plastics in a bid to abolish the product by next year is to be launched, the Government announced today. Walter Roban, the home affairs minister, said that the Government had pledged in 2018 to […]

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KBB Praises Govt’s Single-Use Plastic Plans

“This continued commitment by the Government to single-use legislation puts Bermuda at the forefront of the global fight against plastic pollution,” Keep Bermuda Beautiful said. This follows after Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban announced that ”the Government has committed to eliminating single-use plastics by […]

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Regulating Single-Use Plastics In Bermuda

The Government has released the “regulating single-use plastics in Bermuda” policy paper for consultation, with the 57-page document providing a broad overview of the proposal. Earlier this week, Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said that the “Government has committed to eliminating […]

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BIOS warns climate change means increased hurricane risk and reef damage

The seas around Bermuda have already started to suffer from damage caused by climate change, an island researcher has warned. Nick Bates, a senior scientist and director of research at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science, said Bermuda’s waters had […]

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Report outlines climate change risk to Bermuda and other overseas territories

Sea-level rise and more frequent and intense weather events pose the greatest climate change threat to Bermuda and the other British Overseas Territories, according to a new report. The UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership released the report on the […]

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