“Your efforts to revive technical education are worth pursuing,” Stuart Hayward told attendees at the Bermuda Technical Institute Alumni [BTIA] reunion event at the Fairmont Southampton.

The event served to mark the 60 year anniversary of the Bermuda Technical Institute, an educational institution which was closed down in 1972.

Speaking at the gathering, Mr Hayward said, “When I entered The Tech in 1956, I had already attended three elementary schools and two high schools. I had a reputation as a smart alec kid. My own mother said I was too smart for my own good.

“My problem was that along with having a sharp mind I was high-spirited. I was very quick to pounce on people’s mistakes, especially mistakes of teachers. I was quick with retorts and what I thought were funny quips. It got so bad I was suspended from school a couple of times.
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