Environment group BEST is celebrating its ten-year anniversary by urging people to support its campaign to protect Bermuda’s diminishing conservation zones.

The organisation was established in 2007, after plans to develop a hospital on the Botanical Gardens exposed the absence of any dedicated environmental watchdog on the island.

Since then, BEST has been at the front of efforts to preserve beaches and parklands such as Warwick Long Bay and Southlands, raised awareness on the environment and helped strengthen public policies.

BEST issued a statement saying the need for an environmental watchdog like BEST is greater today than ever.

“As growth and development continue to increase, natural resources and existing policies that support sustainable practices are put under severe pressure,” the release stated.

“The awareness BEST brings through its work reminds us that the environment is an interconnected system upon which all life forms depend for survival.

“In celebration of our tenth anniversary, the community are invited to support our fundraising campaign so that BEST can continue its vital work as campaigner for the environment for the protection of Bermuda’s limited and diminishing conservation zones.”

Read more here: http://www.royalgazette.com/environment/article/20170927/best-ten-years-of-advocating