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Beyond Plastic Bermuda Webinar On Nov 16

Beyond Plastic Bermuda will be hosting a free webinar on Tuesday [Nov 16] from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. A spokesperson said, “You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about Government’s intended ban on single-use plastic. Hear from the […]

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Best advice on climate change

In a recent update on the work done by the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce, we expressed significant concern about the undeniable acceleration of the effects of climate change. It is encouraging to hear the Government’s insistence that there are a […]

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Environmental Sustainability Taskforce Update

Following a year of “introspection and strategic planning in 2020,” the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] said they have “emerged revitalised, refocussed and with a determined commitment to ‘greater collaboration for greater impact’. A spokesperson said, “In March 2021, BEST brought Bermuda’s […]

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Environment groups team up to tackle plastic waste

An environmental campaign group has backed Government’s drive to rid the island of single-use plastics – but has acknowledged that the initiative “may be challenging”. In a statement released today the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) said that it had teamed up […]

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Government promises to listen to retailers over single use plastic transition concerns

Retailers concerns about a proposed ban on single-use plastics will be heard, the Government said this week. Walter Roban, the Minister of Home Affairs, said at a press conference that he was pleased by the feedback that had already been […]

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Bermuda teams up with Caribbean countries to study whales

Bermuda has joined forces with Caribbean countries in a research project designed to examine the lives of Atlantic whales. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has teamed up with the Caribbean Marine Mammals’ Passive Acoustic Observatory – a network […]

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Scaled down plans to address coastal erosion at John Smith’s Bay approved

Caves at John Smith’s Bay are set to be largely filled in after slightly scaled-down plans to address coastal erosion at the beach were approved. Plans originally submitted proposed completely filling a series of caves on the eastern side of […]

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Single-Use Plastics Public Consultation Extended

The Ministry of Home Affairs advised that the Single-Use Plastics [SUPs] Consultation is extended to Sunday, 31 October 2021. A Government spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Government remains committed to beginning the elimination of SUPs in Bermuda in 2022. This commitment is with […]

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Experts Appointed To Sargasso Sea Commission

The Bermuda Cabinet approved the appointment of three international experts to the Sargasso Sea Commission on Tuesday [Sept 21], including Mark Spalding, Professor Stephen de Mora, and Dr Ana Colaço. A Government spokesperson said, “On September 21, 2021, the Bermuda Cabinet approved […]

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